In as little as a half hour you can have a batch, which will typically yield about 27 bottles, of your favorite wine started. From there you will come in to the store on a few occasions to process your wine. In as little as 4, 6 or 8 weeks you are ready to bottle and cork your wine! Casa Vin’Arte also provides full graphic design services for wine label design to allow you to personalize your bottles. Stop by and let us give you a tour of your very own winery.

"We have made the first batch will be gone in no time!  Now is a great time for brides and grooms to start a batch of personalized half bottles as elegant favors for your guests that don't cost an arm and a leg...

It is something totally new we enjoy doing together, plus, in this economic climate we can still enjoy a good bottle of wine whenever we like for a fraction of the cost.  No need to be hesitant because Ken is a true winemaster and he will guide you every step of the way...he will even help you design your own personalized labels!  A little piece of advice...don't wait too long to get a second batch going because d a leg!"

-Eduardo & Treena Moreno
Owners, Blue Cactus Mexican Grille, Fairport, NY

"Thanks so much for the great wine making experiences we continue to have at Casa Vin'Arte. We started our first batch November 2007, and we are planning to start our 10th batch next month. All of the wines have been excellent, and everyone we share with always raves about them. The staff is always very helpful and my wife and I consider our wine making appointments as date nights because we have so much fun.

I recently had the opportunity to open a 9 month old bottle of wine that was made at one of your competitors by a friend of mine. When I pulled the cork I got some blow back. Oops, not quite stabilized, we have never had that happen at Casa Vin'Arte. It also tastes watered down, I believe some places top off to 30 bottles and I'm glad you don't. I know the grapes would have shown their true potential at Casa Vin'Arte.

We appreciate Casa Vin'Arte's commitment to excellent wines and wine making excellence. We are looking forward to many more years of wine making at CVA. See you next week."

Thanks - Doug and Barb
Fairport, NY.